Chicken Coops of Colorado
We offer chicken coops in a variety of sizes and styles. Our coops accommodate  2-20 chickens. These coops are suitable for raising day- old's as well full grown hens in one area should you choose to do so.

Prices start at $850. 

All coops include 2+ nesting boxes and detachable runs. There are hinged doors and roof access's as well as removable perches for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Each coop is built with an airlock entrance for cold, Colorado nights.

All coops come pre-wired for a heat lamp.

All chicken coops are built with handles for easy lifting, lockable coop entrances, exterior cedar trim and galvanized hardware. The poultry wire is firmly anchored by trim battens.

Our chicken coops are predator proof and this is essential for protection from fox, coyote and even some birds in Colorado.

Three distinct areas offer protection in a weather-proof house, a  fully shaded wind-proof lower and a full sunlight run.

These chicken coops are proven designs from 1966 and they have been adapted to specifically incorporate features that are essential for extreme Colorado winters.

All coops are custom made and any unique design features of your own choosing can be incorporated.

Options also include a unique self-feeder silo and self waterer of our own design. 

We offer FREE DELIVERY up to 50 miles from Denver!

No Assembly required.